our story

Rebecca and Stephen Cobb are self-proclaimed kids at heart. They love food and sharing it with others, but never imagined being in the food industry, nor starting a business. Through hard work, countless blessings, a supportive community and a passion to create and share something they believe in, Cobb’s was formed in 2013.

Stephen will say that he’s got an amateur palate and considers himself more of a technician than a chef. He eats just about anything, loves leftovers and condiments, and thinks of granola with nut milk and freeze-dried bananas as a treat. Rebecca isn’t so easy to please. She prefers “real dessert” like tiramisu or a big buttery cookie. Anything rich, indulgent and sensational. The marriage of these two is the heart of the Cobb’s tagline, “naturally naughty”. To them, the idea is to create nutritious treats that will swoon the picky belly and picky palate alike. Their creative endeavor is to use simple, unrefined ingredients so that Nature’s essentials are highlighted, and to provide a captivating food experience without relying on the industrialized dairy and refined starches and sweeteners that we’ve grown so dependent on.

The two launched the venture with a sense of entrepreneurial curiosity, but over time a deeper purpose for the business began to reveal itself. They feel at home being around food and providing healthier alternatives to junk candy, while following a path toward food sovereignty in their home lives. It’s playful, political, and meaningful.

Cobb’s mission is to create tasty food that connects us to our common roots – nature. This involves sourcing quality ingredients, honoring allergen sensitivities, using low impact packaging, and creating a heartwarming food experience that connects us to our bodies in a good way. Cobb’s currently has two product lines – chilled chocolate cups and cashew cream cheese. Everything is dairy and grain (gluten) free and as organic as possible. They’re even using ‘bee-centric’ raw honey, which means they pay a premium for honey harvested by small-scale organic beekeepers who keep healthier, happier bees.

When they’re not in their downtown Olympia kitchen, Rebecca and Stephen and their animal buds like to camp, make fire, soak in hot water, be musical, watch movies and eat treats.