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cashew cream cheese

The future of dairy-alternative cream cheese is here. These cheeses are so yummy! They’re made with a base of cashews that have been cultured by acidophilus bacteria, lemon juice, cider vinegar and dried raw coconut meat – no added starches or preservatives needed. Culturing with gut-friendly bacteria begins the digestion process, making nuts easier on your belly and cheesy-tart in your mouth. Our four flavors at the moment (except for the funny ones we mix at home) are Green Onion, Garlic & Truffle, Balsamic & Tomato and Plain & Simple.

Green Onion: cashews*, water, lemon juice*, e.v. coconut oil*, onion powder*, apple cider vinegar*, nutritional yeast, dried green onions, Himalayan salt, L. acidophilus (*certified organic)

Balsamic & Tomato: cashews*, water, traditional balsamic vinegar, e.v. olive oil*, lemon juice*, dried tomato*, apple cider vinegar*, nutritional yeast, rosemary powder*, garlic powder*, Himalayan salt, L. acidophilus (*certified organic)

Garlic & Truffle: cashews*, water, lemon juice*, e.v. olive oil*, white truffle oil* (e.v. olive oil*, white truffle infusion*), porcini powder*, apple cider vinegar*, garlic powder*, shiitake powder*, Himalayan salt, dried oregano*, L. acidophilus (*certified organic)

Plain & Simple: cashews*, water, chickpea miso* (chickpeas*, rice koji*, sea salt, water, koji spores), dehydrated coconut*, lemon juice*, apple cider vinegar*, sea salt, l. acidophilus, pure monk fruit powder (*certified organic)

Nutrition Facts coming soon…