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All life is in an eternal process of transformation. Perhaps the only constant is that wild, creative animating spirit that unfurls this tapestry we experience. While we can’t control the process, we can plug in as mindful members of a larger self-balancing ecological metabolism, as mirrored in our own inner ecologies. In this sense, we believe that our food choices can support (or not) the aliveness and potentiality of our bodies, minds, and the rest of the landscape around us. What we eat, where it grew, how it was cared for, and how we receive it – it all plays some mysterious role in our inner universe. A beautiful life certainly involves beautiful food!


To encourage our embodied awareness of what we eat, we become. To attend to our eating, digesting, and releasing as a heartful practice of eternal gratitude and re-membering of our deep connectedness to our bodies, earth, creative mind and spirit.


Our work is to follow life’s clues, wherever the joy seems to guide us, with deepening gratitude along the way. We love treats and get giddy about sharing them, especially ones that taste naughty but are surprisingly nourishing. Thru Cobb’s, our aim is to make creative wholefood-inspired goodies that’ll lift your spirit and leave your body feeling blissful. We specialize in plantbased (dairy & egg-free), grainless (gluten-free), organic and ‘ethically sourced’ treats.