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vision + mission + provision

We believe that Nature Knows Best.

Our mission is to highlight the complex tastes and textures of Nature’s bare essentials through a playful and heart-warming food experience while responsibly honoring our interdependence with all life on Earth.

We specialize in creative plantbased comfort food, with the finest organically grown, unrefined, ethically sourced, dairy free and grainless (gluten free) ingredients we can find. Our two core products are the world’s most unique chilled chocolate cups, made with local bee-centric raw honey from the Pacific Northwest, and a spreadable cultured cashew cream cheese, made with pure local well water. Our cups are a chilled grab-and-go dessert in the shape of a 2 inch hemisphere. They have a crisp dark chocolate shell and a fudgy nutbutter filling. Our cashew cheese is a probiotic-rich, chevre-textured spread that’s delicious as a dip or on a sandwich.