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the work & the provisions

Our work, may it be, to share food that enchants, nourishes, and blesses. To awaken affection for this big beautiful green earth we’re all home to. To bless those who feed us. To bless the land, and to bless the people. To curate from farms that practice organic growing methods and ensure fair living wages for their hardworking farmers. We’re ever so fortunate to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Cobb’s specializes in magical plant-centric food, with the finest organically grown, unrefined, responsibly sourced, dairy free and grainless (gluten free) ingredients we can find. Our two product offerings are a chilled chocolate cup and a cultured cashew cream cheese. The cups are a decadent, chilled grab-and-go dessert in the shape of a two-inch hemisphere, with a fudgy nutbutter filling and crisp dark chocolate shell, sweetened with local bee-centric raw honey from the Pacific Northwest. Our cashew cheese is a probiotic-rich spread, reminiscent of creamed chèvre that’s delicious as a dip or on a sandwich.