Good morning everyone, Stephen here. It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to end the production of our half-baked cheesecakes as of March 1st. We wish it weren’t so as they are very special to us and appreciated by a good many of you. This post is to explain why we made the choice, in case any of you are wondering why they disappeared.

Raw cheesecakes (aka fruit pies) are one of my favorite treats. They’re so simple and delish, and endless creativity can be poured into them (check out Stephen McCarty’s work). The worst part about all this is that we won’t have them around to eat! Cobb’s was born out of a dessert hobby that actually started with raw cheesecakes along with some raw chocolatiering six years ago. The half-baked cheesecakes are a not-so-raw spin on these, incorporating a fudgy baked crust, agar-gelled coconut milk and cultured cashews. We would like to thank all you shoppers and store buyers who have supported our family and these unique desserts. THANK YOU.

As a small, self-funded, family-run business making food products with some of the finest ingredients around, we’ve learned an incredible amount over the last few years. Our ideals haven’t changed much, but they’ve been tempered by the challenges and reality of the marketplace, as it is, and our current priority is to make decisions that will keep Cobb’s sustainable and promote a healthy work-life balance. We’re currently in the local Enterprise For Equity business program, learning SO much that we didn’t know we didn’t know. Some context regarding the decision:

• Managing three separate product lines requires a lot of time and juggling of production schedules, the cheesecakes being our most time-intensive product to make and package.

• Being tied up with production has made it difficult to focus our energy on sales and building relationships with new stores.

• We don’t have the resources to scale-up production for more than one product line at the moment. As cups are by far our highest revenue generating product, and coincidentally the simplest to scale-up, it’s the product we’re focusing on. We will continue to provide our cashew cheese to existing accounts.

We have big goals for 2018 and we are determined to work hard so that the Cobb’s brand may continue to represent real-food values in a good way. Thank you so much for your partnership along this journey. Your positive thoughts and blessings support us in ways we’ll never know.

Our gratitude,
The Cobbs

Mapley Mocha Half-Baked Cheesecake