Stephen here. When sampling our cheeses I often get asked things like “how can I use it?” So I thought it’d be cool to start blogging recipe ideas whenever they happen. Cultured cashew cheese is really versatile when it comes to adding a tart and creamy element to your dish. Now that the cold season’s here and we’ve got an abundance of squash and root veggies, I’ve been roasting whatever’s in the fridge and playing with it. Roasted squash makes a great soup. All you’ve gotta do is slice it in half, remove the seed slop, face the halves down in a glass pan and roast in the oven, around 400 for 45 minutes or so. Once it’s out and cooled, scrape out the good stuff from the skin and mess around with it. Here’s what I like to do:

One: Chop and saute a good amount of onion (this was a full red guy). This will open it up and add a great sweet taste. Mushrooms, fresh garlic, and maybe even some diced apple could play well.


Two: Grab a medium pot, fill it halfway with the roasted squash, and add roughly an equal part of water. At this stage, I added some leftover coconut cream I had along with some ancho pepper, black pepper and salt. Get creative, any sorta pepper could work. It’ll really bring it life. The coconut’s not necessary but really helps with the sweet. If you’re someone that drinks coconut water, that can work well too. Turn the heat on low and use a spoon or potato masher as needed. Baby food smooth is nice.


Three: Incorporate the sauteed onions, etc, and a good dollop of cashew cheese. This is where you’ll use an immersion blender if you have one. Optionally, for a nice texture, add the onions after you blend it (I’ll try that next time).


Four: Taste it. More salt and water may be called for. Adding a spoonful of your favorite vinegar and/or a dash of lemon juice can really sooth the tummy. If you’re into bone or veggie broth, here’s your chance. And if you need more sweet, try a little honey or maple syrup.


Fiver: Serve it. Top with a dollop of cashew cheese, a heap of chopped greens, and black pepper. I had basil and it worked perfectly. Yummm!