It’s been a while since I posted. I’m someone that can easily get pulled in too many directions if I don’t set priorities, and lately priority number one has been to build the business and get the peanut butter cups into as many Northwest natural food stores as possible. It’s been going really well. But between that, sampling, ordering ingredients, designing labels and keeping up with production, there’s not as much space for getting creative in the kitchen like there was back when I had a day job. Till a couple days ago…we decided that I’m gonna be allowed to use Thursday mornings as my cheesecake day! I’ve been wanting people to try these for probably a couple years now, and it’s finally about to happen. Since they’re so expensive and time-intensive, the plan is to keep it small and creative. Ideally I’d like to sell slices through a couple local stores that are flexible enough to allow me to sell whatever flavors I feel like doing in the moment.

This one is a brilliant showcase of some of my favorite ingredients! I had to share photos. The chocolatey crust is baked and has a rich brownie sorta texture, but a little more cakey and with crushed pecans. Then there’s the no-bake filling, which consists mostly of homemade coconut milk and some cultured cashews. It’s much lighter on the belly than a typical ‘raw’ cheesecake, which consists mostly of plain cashews, not water. While you could probably eat a whole 6″ cake and feel fine, one slice can be magical enough. Sorta like how the peanut butter cups can take you to heaven if you’re lucky. And it’s not too sweet! Just rich and smooooth. It’s sweetened by apple sauce, raw honey, dried coconut palm nectar and the world’s best dates.

Naturally free of dairy, gluten, and lots of other things people avoid at the moment…and paleo-friendly!

featuring: water, cashews*, apples*, natural cocoa powder*, raw local honey, coconut palm nectar*, dried raw coconut*, almonds*, coconut oil*, pecans*, dates*, cacao butter*, coconut vinegar*, chia*, Himalayan salt, agar (an algae), vanilla bean, baking soda, flavor extracts*, acidophilus (*certified organic)

I just had a piece,