We decided to kick-off a yearlong break from hosting cafes with Valentine’s Day, and guess what flavors came through at the last minute? None other than peaches n cream, strawberry, and (triple) chocolate! Can’t get more romantical than that. We served these three as a flight, from peaches to chocolate, and offered a few drink options – homemade blood orange, strawberry and cherry shrubs over bubbly, rosemary-infused Olympia well water, a few picks from The Wine Loft, and a cocktail we named the Naughty Bourbon (bourbon, blood orange shrub, bitters, splash of water and one rock). All the cheesecakes were, of course, paleo-friendly, beegan (vegan + good honey), and naturally free of dairy and gluten. The shrubs were a first-time dabbling, inspired by Elvin at Bar Francis. I love sweet+vinegar and will definitely be working on those some more.

We split the night into time slots and required RSVPs. Each slot sat about 15 guests. We also had a friend volunteer to help with dishes and drinks at the last minute, which proved to be a life saver. Becky filled the living room with candlelight and roses, and did the seating and serving while I hid behind the kitchen curtain. We even picked up some wizard staff-esque solar lights for the stairs and walkway out front!

It was exciting to eavesdrop on people’s reactions from behind the curtain. Yea, probably the best part. That and seeing so many happy Olympia faces in one place. Making 12 cheesecakes within a couple days and after only having practiced them 2-3 times was a lot harder than I anticipated, but it was great practice and I learned a ton. This is some of my favorite food and I can’t wait till we’re slinging these around town. Soon!

Here’s some food porn from the night…


Peaches n Cream with a bourbon layer and coconut whipped cream
peaches, coconut milk, cultured cashews, cashews, dried coconut, almonds, coconut palm nectar, raw honey, coconut oil, bourbon, cacao butter, chia, lemon zest, vanilla bean and extract, coconut vinegar, fleur de sel, plus a few secrets

cafe_strawberry cafe_strawberry_whole

Strawberry with a strawberry-balsamic-thyme sauce
strawberries, coconut milk, cultured cashews, cashews, almond flour, raw honey, coconut palm nectar, walnuts, coconut oil, cacao butter, balsamic vinegar, chia, coconut vinegar, thyme, lemon zest, vanilla bean, fleur de sel, plus a few secrets


Chocolate with a mint-chocolate mousse
coconut milk, cultured cashews, cocoa, raw honey, cashews, almond flour, coconut palm nectar, pecans, coconut oil, cacao butter, vanilla bean and extract, coconut vinegar, fleur de sel, mint, plus a few secrets