I haven’t baked cookies much, really because sugar+butter+wheat is soooo good, but I finally found something that’s just as exciting and doesn’t make me sick! Chewy and sticky and buttery with caramelized edges, perfect for dipping and crazy addictive. The best part is that I can eat a pile of them and feel fine.

Typical sugar cookies consist of something like one part butter, two parts cane sugar, and three parts refined wheat flour. These gems are basically three parts nuts and one part coconut sugar – dried sap from coconut palm flowers – a low-glycemic sweetener that’s reminiscent of brown sugar. Chia’s optional, but can help a little with structure and also adds some soluble fiber which helps metabolize the sugar.

I’m stoked to try all sorts of combos. Maybe macadamia white chocolate, or toasted pecans, or ginger something, or amaretto something…mmmmmmm.

cashews, almonds, coconut sugar, coconut oil, chia, water, vanilla extract, salt and baking soda.