Some of the most creative times you can have in the kitchen is when you think you’re out of food, all but a handful of leftovers.

Last night I was watching episodes of some chef show called Chopped (a bunch of anxious, sweating chefs trying to win $10k) and got inspired to give something a try. I had some thick peppered bacon, which goes with about everything, but I didn’t feel up to it. I had some chips (nachos?) but only some dill’d goat cheese, and I’d already had some with salsa from an earlier munchies. Some butter and Essential Baking‘s seeded multi-grain, the best gluten free bread I’ve tried so far, but wasn’t that hungry. What I did notice was some left over canned coconut milk, an apple and two persimmons. That soury sweet apple could turn into something good if I peeled and chopped it. Yea, that turned me on!

I peeled and diced one of the persimmons and tossed that into a mason jar with about a quarter cup of fatty coconut milk. I added a tiny bit of maple syrup and balsamic for a sweet kick, and a dash of lemon juice to balance out the milk. Immersion blender time! I finally got one and love it. Making sauces, dressings, and buttered coffee has never been easier. I set the sauce in the fridge while I fixed up the apple and chopped some raisins. Yea, I like raisins, maybe too much. There’s nothing like them. The chewy can get obnoxious if they’re not chopped though.

First on the dishes went the apple, then the sauce, and then some raisins. And then I turned to the spice cabinet. It needed something to round off the sweet and tart. Black pepper! Definitely pepper. And then I saw some salt infused with herbes de provence that a friend had gifted us. So on top went a dash of the salty herbs and a sprinkle of black pepper. Some moldy cheese, pine nuts and chopped bitter greens would’ve been nice, and maybe that bacon, but what can ya do. Sometimes I just want some adult baby food.