We’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months practicing and perfecting the peanut butter cups. I’m continually tweaking the recipe in order to maintain what I consider the best balance of salty and sweet, or the right kick of cinnamon. Even though we measure things out to the gram, it seems like food’s never consistent. Or maybe it’s my moods. I’m constantly learning.

Other munchies happen in the kitchen, but it’s been really helpful to focus on one product at a time without feeling the pressures to diversify. I feel like I’d collapse under the sort of financial stress that other foodie friends without day jobs have to deal with. We’re so lucky. Over the last few months we’ve invested in all sorts of things, from fridges and molds to accounting software, and recently a large display fridge, canopy tent and banner so that we can sling treats at festivals. It’s been about fine tuning processes, learning when to be tight versus when to put something on the card, and building something proprietary that will last. Something that feels rich and rewarding. Something that gives us the freedom to sell the products we choose, to employ who we choose, and to support the vendors we choose.

Here are some things I’d like to work on: a) getting strong enough to stand on my feet for a whole day, b) putting as much attention into the food as I can, c) taking breaks when I need, and d) remembering to dream big.

Anyway, we spent yesterday doing production in the kitchen and I was STOKED to see how amazing this batch turned out!

pb cup liners