I haven’t been food blogging much lately, but I’d like to start, now! And I’ve got the perfect piece…my first experiment with a candy bar.

First up – credit to where it’s due. Umchu is a small company out of Edmonds WA that makes some really good bars. We’ve been taking them camping lately. My current favs, in order, are their Primitive PB&J, Peanut Sea Salt, and Coconut Cacao Nibs. The bars are really simple, usually 3-4 ingredients, using brown rice syrup as a sweetener, and most everything’s organic. Most of all, I like the way they taste. Better than most other bars out there that are far more complicated.

Becky wanted some Peanut Sea Salt copies to take with her to a retreat this next week, so I got to use my handy new candy thermometer. It’s actually really easy – you pour some sweetener into a pot, bring it up to 260 degrees (‘hard ball’ stage) while keeping it on the move, pour it onto some nuts, and pack everything down into a pan till it cools. I added some sea salt and vanilla to the syrup, and then sprinkled some more salt while packing the bars. Homemade Snickers? Next time.

peanuts, honey, sea salt, vanilla extract