It had been a while since I experimented with this favorite of mine, so I spent Thursday night in the kitchen, putting lots of attention into this dessert that I shared with some friends at a solstice bonfire last night. If you haven’t had it – it’s amazing. It has a cheesecake texture and tartness, but without the dairy, and sweetened by fruit and a tiny bit of raw honey. Moon’s in Leo – everybody check it out!

For the swirl pattern, I took a squeeze bottle and injected some strawberry mix in a spiral pattern, and then used a chop stick to create the hearts. I just had a sweet thought…maybe someday I’ll be making psychedelic crop circle patterns and selling these at black light parties? That’d be exciting.

Everything’s organic, and raw except for the pecans. I call this one: Solstice Saliva Sex with Satsumas & Strawberries.

Crust: lightly toasted pecans, shredded coconut, dates, fresh ginger, vanilla, salt
Filling: satsuma mandarins, strawberries, cashews, coconut meat & oil, cacao butter, honey, lemon, orange zest, vanilla