(that’s what i had for breakfast – ingredients below)

i finally got around to playing with sprouted almonds. i’ve been curious to see how i could integrate them into these raw creamcake recipes. they’re such good energy, and easier on my belly than cashews. i soaked about five cups of raw almonds for a day, changing the water three times, and then peeled half of them. peeling’s easy and it gives my restless hands something to do. it took about 20 minutes.

i vitamixed the hell out of the almonds, but i learned that there’s just not much you can do about the almond buttery texture. i do, however, have an idea or two that may help next time. this one’s┬áprobably too grainy for most fine dining preferences, but something that’d be adored at a superfood hippy dinner, for sure.

other than texture,┬áthe final product is bomb! the mint and milk balanced everything out so well. it’s past noon and all i’ve had this morning is a slice and some tea – and i’m feeling good.

hand-peeled sprouted almonds, coconut, cashews, cacao powder, honey, water, raw milk, pecans, coconut oil, dates, cacao butter, vanilla, stevia, sea salt, cinnamon, peppermint…with raspberry and mint leaves from the yard